Bharat Bijlee AC Motors

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BBL AC Motors

  • Over 60 years in Motor Industry in India
  • Initial Collaboration with SIEMENS Germany
  • It is an ISO 9000 Company
  • It has State of the art  manufacturing plant at Kalwa in Mumbai for AC motors
  • It has Countrywide Sales and service set up
  • It has an impressive customer database
  • Approved by all  Consultants
  • It has High Efficiency,IE2, IE3 series motors

Technical Features of AC Motors

  • European Technology
  • High Efficiency
  • Cast Iron Body & Al Body
  • Wide range of AC Motors from 0.09 -1250 KW  and in FLP upto 315 KW
  • Top Terminal Box & Side  TB
  • Class F Insulation
  • Heavy duty design
  • Suitable for Frequency Converter Drive
Availability of IE2 in NFLP & FLP range of AC motors

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