Hensel Junction Boxes and Distribution boards

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Hensel Junction Boxes and Distribution boards

HENSEL ELECTRIC INDIA PVT. LTD. at Chennai was founded in the year 2003 is a wholly owned subsidiary of M/s. Hensel International GmbH, Germany. It has 66 Resident engineers in 29 States In India and 105 Distributors in 150 major Industrial Centers. It specializes in the field of thermoplastic components, complex components in sheet steel and in the construction of low-voltage switchgear assemblies up to 1000Amp rated, Photovoltaic solutions On –Grid and OFF- Grid. Hensel also promotes Walther, Schill, AGRO, and Emiter range products in India as value added service.


ENYCASE : DK- Cable Junction Boxes from 1.5up to 240 sq.mm IP 54-67 degree of protection and boxes are VDE tested in accordance with IEC 60 670-22

ENYBOARD: KV Small distribution boards up to 63A with doors 3 to 54 modules, IP 65 degree of protection in accordance to DIN 43880

ENYSTAR: Distribution board up to 250A with combinable enclosure system IP65 degree of protection in accordance with IEC 60 439-3

ENYMODE: Mi Power distribution boards up to 100A combinable enclosure system IP65/66 degree of protection in accordance with IEC 61439 Part 1 & Part 2 and certified by ASTA.

ENY SUN: Safe and professional product solutions for Photovoltaic Plants, PV Generation boxes. In accordance with IEC 60 364-7-712

ENYFIT: Cable entry systems with IP55-68 degree of protection.

Walther: Range of Plug socket systems & Combination units up to 125A with IP44/IP67 degree of protection CEE type.
Schill- Rubber Cable drums for power distributions and Emiter- GRP Cabinets.
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