Crompton Greaves Dynamos (Alternators) for Tractor Application

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We offer Crompton Greaves Dynamos for Tractor Application to generate Power for the 3 phase & 1 phase  openwell/Submersible pumpsets in the fields/Aquaculture. This power can also be supplied to Residential  houses/ Function halls/construction if the load is balanced in case of three phase Dyamos.

We can supply 10 kVA to 50 KVA for tractor application. The KVA depends on HP of the Tractor,condition of the tractor, no and size of the pumpsets and make of the pumpsets

Alternators can be driven thru PTO (540/1000) RPM at the rear end of the tractors thru Belt pulley arrangement/Gear Box to achieve the speed of 1500 RPM

The belt pulley arrangement  and meter Box if required can be supplied by SIRUS.


  1. The initial cost is low as the investment is confined to Alternators. Belt Pulley Arrangement and Meter Board. Engine is not required
  2. Easy Serviciability
  3. Portable.Can be shifted  to any location
  4. Maintenance cost is low as one more engine is avoided

Brochures and Instructions are available on this website

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