ABB AC Motors

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Abb Ac Motors

ABB AC Motors

- ABB is a Multinational Company having presence in more than 100 Countries
- ABB is No.1 Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Company in the World
- It is an ISO 9000 Company
- It has State of the art manufacturing plants at Faridabad & Bangaluru for AC motors
- It has Countrywide Sales and service set up
- It has an impressive customer database
- Approved by all Consultants
- Largest Manufacturer of AC motors in the World

Technical Features of AC Motors

- European Technology
- High Efficiency
- Cast Iron Body
- Wide range of AC Motors from 0.18 -2000KW
- Top Terminal Box
- Polyamide based Class F Insulation
- Heavy duty design
- Suitable for Frequency Converter Drive
- Polyurethane paint
- Easy Connection to Terminal Box


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